About Trashdolls

Starting in 2011 and expanding worldwide in 2013, TrashDolls was created by Dolly & Luna Trash to share our friends talent with the world and make it easier for customers to find alternative models, performers and artists in the one place. Blooming into much more, TrashDolls is an agency representing body positive and creative people, connecting all alternative scenes and businesses as much as possible. Working with local musicians, printing companies, venues and more…

Being ‘alternative’ to us is more than just colouring you hair and getting some ink…. it is about art, music and lifestyle and we want to get that out there to the world. ¬†Utilizing¬†as many girls’ artistic skills as possible to create events and projects like you’ve never seen before!

Heaps of our our dolls are already experienced, professional showgirls, models, promo girls and more…. And now you can search for them all in one place! We’re here to take the effort out of searching for that sexy, crazy, different chick who’ll make your next event that much more amazing. Rock chicks, rev heads, musicians, artists, exhibitionists, strippers, actors, circus stars, dancers….. The possibilities are endless and these aren’t just you’re usual babes….They’ve got style and a hell of a lot of attitude!

We accept girls from novice to pro… Whether they’re just starting out and wanting to get their first shot on stage and have some fun or they’re a super star ready to rock your next show, you’ll find a heap of energy and passion in one place. We’re always thinking of new projects to get girls involved and give girls an excuse to get crafty as well as providing a family of help whenever it is needed! We aren’t elitist, we want to give girls of all shapes, sizes and experience the chance to get out there and be a star. We’re not trying to be the hottest, the best, the most competitive… we want everyone to have a good time and to make some friends along the way :) Plus, you never know which noobie will be the next burlesque superstar or fetish supermodel!
We love throwing parties to give people a chance to meet up, perform, dance, listen to some music and get together.. (Not to mention appreciate some beautiful and fun women!)
The idea behind Trashdolls was whatever event you maybe involved in we would be able to hook you up with nearly everyone you need! it’s your one stop shop for the hottest and most talented girls, let us do the hard work to find you the people you need to make your event one to remember!

So girls, what the hell are you waiting for?! Sign up and get involved!!!!!