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Miss Pocky Trash


About Me:

Little Miss Pocket rocket – Pocky Trash

Showgirl, Poledancer, Activist, Model, Travelling gypsy, Cutie.

Loves anime, PS3, gaming, cosplay, art, performing naked on stage, pole dancing, travelling, meeting new people, music, adventures, poetry, gore, movies and erotic nude modelling.


Artificial Flavour


About Me:

Experienced in photographic modeling, catwalk modeling, theatrical performances & music video work. MUA and dancer. Mostly, these days, I am events dancing for clubs, DJ’s, bands & for promotional purposes, etc… Which I have been doing so for around 5 years, now.

I’m an energetic character, always ready to meet & work with new people.
So don’t be afraid to contact me for a chat about an upcoming event, shoot, or whatever, that you’d like for me or the girls to be ‘part of.

I’m always ready to bounce some creative ideas around!


Venom Miss Symbiote


About Me:

I have been modelling for many years and am experienced in many fields.

I am not just another tattooed, pierced, punk ass model, I am a Symbiote of all trades, a shape shifter willing to give everything a go. Fully trained and experienced in photographic and catwalk modelling, acting and a background in dancing.

I love public speaking and have a little experience in MC/Hosting events.




About Me:

Knives, part time model, catwalk model, hula hoop fanatic, writer, stylist, MUA, promo girl, events hostess, waitress and a full time party girl.

I’m a chameleon of different styles and currently moving in the direction of pin-up, artistic and alternative high fashion.

I love to have creative input with all the work I do, be that creating props, clothing or accessories or styling hair and make up for both myself and others.

I love promoting, being involved with amazing events, clubs, events, clothing labels and brands and meeting new people along the way!


Rini Tee


About Me:rini

Hi! I’m Rini Tee, I’m a qualified makeup artist and sometimes I pose in front of cameras as well.

I’m always looking to collaborate with other creative people whether for a book, shoot or film.

I have prior acting and dancing experience, I also dabble in visual art and creative writing.


Vixxy Venom


About Me:vixxy

I have been with TrashDolls since 2011 and have loved every minute of it.

I have been a lover of the stage and limelight since exiting the womb, and from a very young age took modeling and dance classes and knew this was exactly what I wanted to do. I’m a dog lover, a book reader, a daydreamer.

I believe wholeheartedly in equality, confidence and general love and happiness. Support each other



Luna TrashLuna1

Luna Trash, founder and director of TrashDolls. Dancer, designer, model and jack of all trades, Luna created TrashDolls with a vision of a community based site, by creative artists, for creative artists. Luna Travels around Australia and the world as a freelance artist.

Mini TrashMiniHeadshot

Mini Trash – fashionista, social media guru, editor and model, Mini has been running successful ventures since inception into the work force, with a creative background – working in the theatre & film industries and with an event planning background she is a leader at heart and one of the directors here at Trashdolls