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Vixxy Venom


About Me:vixxy

I have been with TrashDolls since 2011 and have loved every minute of it.

I have been a lover of the stage and limelight since exiting the womb, and from a very young age took modeling and dance classes and knew this was exactly what I wanted to do. I’m a dog lover, a book reader, a daydreamer.

I believe wholeheartedly in equality, confidence and general love and happiness. Support each other




Luna TrashLuna1

Luna Trash, founder and director of TrashDolls. Dancer, designer, model and jack of all trades, Luna created TrashDolls with a vision of a community based site, by creative artists, for creative artists. Luna Travels around Australia and the world as a freelance artist.

Renegade TrashTDDrake

I’ve always been flamboyant and quirky by nature and I tend to stand out in a crowd, no matter where I am or who I’m with. I love being artistic and creative and am always trying new things, its what I’m good at and aspire to do with my life. I Have over 7 years experience in the modelling industry and have now branched out into performance.



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