Why be a TrashDoll?

TrashDolls is an agency dedicated to getting YOU exposure. We aim to provide a supportive community of creative, talented and driven hotties. This includes girls of all shapes, sizes, skill levels and looks. We don’t have any contracts binding you to us…. you’re still a freelancer! This is a site to give you a boost into the industry. We will help customers find you when they’re searching for a cutie with an edge for their next project. All we ask in return is to support us as we support you!

TrashDolls is a place for you to promote yourself to your target audience without binding contracts or hefty joining fees… it’s super easy to make a profile and be performing at events or getting hired for gigs in no time, we have had girls perform at Tattoo expos, with bands, model for clothing labels and heaps more, we do all the hard work for you, if you want work it’s there for the taking.
TrashDolls is a community of like minded people, we love team players who are full of integrity and we all want to help each other out. This isn’t a competition, it’s not about who’s the hottest or who has the most fans… this is about getting out there, trying new things and supporting each other, we appreciate honesty and hard workers and we work hard with those who are serious about working in the industry, if you want to be internet famous this site really isn’t for you.
Trashdolls get involved. Whether its events and promotions, social media whoring or fed square shenanigans.. as we’re a free site we’re always looking for crew who want to become part of the team… you don’t have to stop at a profile! Help us throw parties in your town, write articles/interviews for the site and more, we’re always looking for fresh material and if you love to be heard then we want you!
Trashdolls get work, projects and people to collaborate with who can make your creative desires come to life! Don’t be jealous of the girls out there on stage or in magazines, join them we want to help you get there.
Trashdolls receive insane incentives for travel and management opportunities that arise, we need babes all over the world to help us arrange shoots, events and more! If you’re wanting to get more involved, chat to us about it! We love hearing everyone’s ideas.



Can’t wait to have you all on board! xx