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Find out what TrashDolls is all about!

The TrashDolls promo video is here! We thought we’d put something together to show people exactly what it is we’re about! A lot of people seem to miss the main concept of the site and what we do… so we’ve made this so everyone can share it and show wContinue Reading

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TrashDolls feature in Fortune Fails Music Video ‘freedom’

Luna Trash, Harlow Theory and Artificial Flavour all feature in Sydney Band Fortune Fails new video!

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World Goth Day fashion parade

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TrashDolls perform at Off the Richter festival 2013

Here is some footage from the festival. You see some clips of our ‘Ghostie’ performance. We make all our own costumes from recycled materials and cover everyone in talcum powder and glitter!

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Melbourne Tattoo and Body art expo .. Marked Mayhem episode

TrashDolls rocked the stage at the Melbourne Tattoo and Body art expo. Here you can see all action from us and all around the expo. Thanx to Marked Mayhem for interviewing us!

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The most professional updates update to date!

NEW THINGS COMING AT YA REAL SOON. LOVE DOLLY AND LUNA PS. We’re very serious professionals here and this is a very serious update…

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TrashDolls feature in The Amity Afflictions Latest Video ‘Open Letter’

TrashDolls were asked to appear in Aussie hardcore heavyweights, The Amity Afflictions, latex music video! Need kick arse ladies for your next video project? You know where to find them!

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Behind the scenes shoot

One sunny day a bunch of TrashDollies broke in to an abandoned hotel and got dressed up to take sexy pictures. Drinking cheap champagne from empty jars, this is some of the shenanigans that happened on the day to give you guys a little idea of what itContinue Reading

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